Idelsy Love

Idelsy is the head instructor at Crash Academy. She loves pole dancing, belly dancing, and working out. As a teacher, she helps students embody their hot-girl energy and take confidence to new heights. She is patient and an encouraging teacher, always ready to guide you through a new move. To her, dance is a sacred journey that she cannot wait to share with you!

Merrie Williams

Raised in the fabulous Las Vegas Nevada, Merrie has spent 29 years studying movement arts and entertainment. Her parents say she would dance to Madonna records as a toddler until she passed out. so they enrolled her in ballet and arco at age 3 at the Glenda Moss Academy of Dance in Lake Charles Louisiana. Later she would study RAD ballet, tap, jazz, and modern at the Kravenko Dance Academy in Las Vegas with her three younger sisters. She was accepted into and graduated from the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts, an eclectic dance program with a focus on contemporary techniques like Graham and Horton. After high school, she stumbled into the world of Hip Hop and was drawn to funk styles like break dancing and house. The blend of styles lead her to be cast as a principal dancer in Circo Robert's "Retro" Circus 2015 she would travel to various parts of Mexico performing. During this time she began to strengthen her connection to Latin partner dances, yoga, and circus arts. She would also go on to perform magic in Shanghai with magician Joaquin Ayala, and Ariel in the iconic Margaritaville Volcano Show and at EDC Las Vegas 2022-2023 along with a unique 'one woman, 8 parrots' show at White Post Farms in Long Island. In 2018 she decided to drive dive deep into yoga and completed TruFusions 200YTT under Mark BT. Her most current adventures include performing as a Dancing DJ on the Fremont Street Experience and Polynesian at Luaus across the valley. Merrie is a forever student of music and movement that feels very blessed to share with you what she's learned thus far on her journey!

Roxana Cadena

Roxana is a dancer born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. She dances at multiple strip clubs in town and LOVES teaching at Crash Academy. Pole dancing has helped her body be in the best shape ever. She is passionate about pole dancing and believes it is physically, spiritually, and emotionally empowering. Pole dancing has helped her feel confident and secure about herself. Connecting to sensuality is one of Roxana's values. She loves this dance studio and helping others on their pole art journeys!

Holly Savage

Holly was born and raised in Oregon. At 18, she was a self-taught pole dancer for two years. After experiencing a creative block, she decided to take a pole class for the first time and immediately fell in love with teaching; her passion for mentorship had ignited! Falling in love with pole dancing and studio life, Holly knew that teaching was the career path for her. As a teacher, she enjoys watching her students' pole journeys and helping them get better and stronger each class. Holly has been focused on pole for the last ten years while also practicing Lyra, silks, and hammock. She likes sushi and hot tubbing any time. Her hobbies include painting, cooking, and cleaning for her two evil cats.
Crash Academy Studio 6