Idelsey Love

Belly Dancer
Idelsy is a bellydancer specializing in Egyptian dance.  She was trained in Miami and is now sharing this ancient dance form with the ladies of Las Vegas. She is inspired by the glamour of the "Golden Era of Bellydance" from the 40s and 50s.   She combines her love of fitness and dance to create a fun and effective routine with bodysculpting moves to make you feel confident and powerful.
Eustolia Hidalgo
Eustolia Hidalgo has been a part of the Crash family for 2 years and is currently teaching our Pole Body and Pole Dance Virgins (101) Classes. She’ll have you trained and ready for moving up into our Level 2 classes in no time! Time flies when you’re having fun ladies, working out doesn’t have to be a chore!

Shelby Jordan

Professional Dancer
Shelby is a born and raised Las Vegas local. With 19 years of dance training and 4 years of professional dance experience, dance has taken her all over the world to perform. From opening for country star Luke Bryant, to performing for the Prince of Saudi Arabia in Beverly Hills.

Merrie Williams

Professional Dancer
Bio Coming soon!
Crash Academy Studio 6