For the absolute beginner! Yes, we know, you believe that you don't have upper body strength. Yes, we know, you're probably not very flexible. Girl, none of us had it either! We promise you'll feel so challenged and rewarded in our judgment free zone. Girl gang strong! Dress in work out clothes. Leggings, tank top, sports bra, etc.¬† AND BRING SHORTS! Skin is what sticks you to the pole, so the more of it the better! You could come in your favorite panties and we won't bat an eye! ūüėČ Please, no lotions. I will make your skin very slippery! Now get your a** to class!


You have mastered some form of grip and became familiar with how you and your body work with a pole!  Now let's get that body upside down!  We focus on tricks, inversions, holds, strength, and ab abilities to make pole dancing look effortless!  Static pole exercises focus on ab isolation and shoulder/bicep/back strength to give you toned and lean arms, better posture, and less back pain.  Bring shorts, as skin is what sticks you to the pole (shoes not required).  No lotions before class.  Bring water... all things sexy make you sweaty!  We teach a full choreography every class, so bring your camera!  Class requires permission.


Looking to master more of the dance elements of pole dancing?  This class is on a non spinning and spinning pole, and teaches you fluidity between movements.  How to transition to the floor gracefully, and effortlessly.  Everyone starts without the shoulder strength, and ab abilities to make pole dancing look effortless.  This class is designed to give you exactly that.  Static pole exercises focus on ab isolation's and shoulder/bicep/back strength to give you toned and lean arms, better posture, and often times less daily back pain.  As you are building up your strength to battle the day to day wear on the body.  All levels welcome.  Bring shorts, as your skin is what sticks you to the pole (shoes not required).  No lotions before class.  Bring water, all things sexy make you sweaty!  We teach a full choreography every class, so we encourage you to bring your camera, and film it at the end of class.


Open to all levels, this class really breaks it down!  We teach you how to combine all the things you are working on into one beautiful piece.  Here we focus on conscious connectivity and movement!


SPLITS (All Levels):

Splits and shoulder flexibility... ever dreamed of them?  Us too.  Most people are not naturally flexible (me included) and we all have to start somewhere!  Our Flexibility class is for all levels!  We focus on opening up your hips, booty, and legs for a deep stretch with real results!  Get that upper body rotation going to eliminate some pain.  Dress comfy and cozy and bring water.


This class is for all levels. Stripper platform shoes are a must! You can buy them in-store (15% discount). Our favorite classic stripper moves come from the east! Every 4 weeks, we start a new choreography. You may drop in at any point. We don't do cardio, we dance. This is a great full body workout with strength training and cardio combined. Turn the music up, and the lights down! (Crash's favorite class).


Girl, that ass is amazing! We all love bums, of all shapes and sizes! So let’s keep that peach in your prime shape! Our instructors have perfected the art of shaping that butt and midsection. Building a great shelf, and an hourglass shape. This class is for every fitness level . Looking for some serious sculpting? Make sure to bring water!


If you are new to an aerial apparatus, this is the class for you. In this class you will learn the various techniques to enter and exit from the hoop, along with conditioning, strength, and flexibility exercises!


This new class focuses on isolated movements, exercise, and bump and grind dance flows on the floor.  Our goal is to create flowing movements, making you feel sexy and burning calories and building muscle at the same time.  This class is open to all levels.  We suggest wearing leggings and socks so you can slide on the floor effortlessly.  Bring knee pads if you have them!


Also referred to as tissue! A gorgeous apparatus that flows from the ceiling, using wraps and ties to create tricks, poses, and drops. Wear leggings and a tank! Silks are an incredible full body work out, similar to pole, so prepared to work!


Each month we introduce a new themed strip tease to entertain the sex kitten in all of us!  This class is a great way to learn some cool tricks of the trade, get your cardio in (in a very creative way), and most importantly feel sexy inside that beautiful body of yours!  Don't be shy!