Crash Academy Studio 2
Our objective at Crash Academy is to ensure your workout experience is fun, stretches you to reach higher fitness goals and boosts your fearlessness!
Crash Academy Studio 4

Experience one of today’s hottest fitness trends sweeping the planet!  Deja Vu® Presents Crash Academy is Las Vegas’ premier pole fitness and aerial studio. Conveniently located right off the strip.  We specialize in pole dance that challenges your body physically. We also empower you to embrace the sensual side of fitness, in a fun and exciting way!    

Crash Academy combines pole dance, acrobatics, floor work and aerial maneuvers that will increase your strength, flexibility, endurance and confidence! Pole dance fitness encompasses basic athletic maneuvers, simple to more advanced climbs, spins, hip flexibility, and upper body / core strength.

Crash Academy Studio 3
Crash Academy Studio 7

All CRASH Academy students receive a 15% VIP DISCOUNT at the Deja Vu® Love Boutique!